11. Medicine

Art making has been one of my earliest healing modalities.
Music, drawing, painting, dancing, allowed me to understand, process, and express experiences that words cannot describe.
Creating is where I found freedom, safety, to make up my own rules, a sanctuary that I held close to me everywhere I went. This was especially helpful in those times I moved to a foreign land, where I did not speak the language or know the cultures.

Having an art practice is like speaking the language of the soul. It allows us to speak with the non-physical, whether that be the inner-most parts
of our own psyche, the Spirit world, ancestors, or hearts of others who don’t speak the same language as us with their tongue. There’s something magically universal about sound and movement, even with the infinite vari- ations in styles and techniques, there’s some way we can all connect with it and feel together.

As I grew older, travelled, and had experiences with plant medicines these understandings deepened. Time and time again in my journeys with teach- ers such as Ayahuasca, psilocybin, cactus, cannabis, sitting in ceremony,
I am reminded of the power of song, of stories, of connection with the body and breath, connection with the animals, plants, and Earth.

Whether it’s in plants, waters, earth, fire, food, prayers, songs, or dance, it is important for each person to find what healing means, to use the gifts we are given, and honor the work that we are here to do in this lifetime.

We are perfect free from sin

From the moment we begin We are children of the mother Let us use her medicine

Free the birds from the cages awaken the magic Listen and hear it in the beat and the music It’s here with a message you’re nothing but perfect Listen and hear it the calling from Spirit

Remember how we’re meant to be wild and free Connect to the ground beneath our bare feet We’re like the roots that grow in the concrete jungle Splitting through the road on our way home

You are perfect free from sin From the moment we begin We are children of the mother Let us use her medicine

I’m down to the very last second overthinking it Wishing a river would run over me
cause nothing’s sinking in
I need oceans,
cause I’ve been floating on the surface Gliding, hiding, the world’s got me nervous
I need medicine, I need medicine

Lose your mind and enter the vortex Follow the trail of the white rabbit Into a land where the clocks all Tick without both hands and See that time is an illusion
Let it fade away
There’s no such thing as separation We’re all made up of space

音樂,草藥,舞蹈,祈禱,(music, medicine, dance, prayer) 治癒世世代代的恩怨,創傷 (healing generations of resentment, trauma) 土地的小孩 (Children of the Earth) 破病都是用祂的藥阿 (Heal from illness with It’s medicine)

記得家鄉/remember home 是在遠方/is far away 身在何處/where you are now

地歸原主/return the land.

I think one of the main tasks for those of us living in these times is to truly dive into our origin stories in whatever capacity we can. Understand the ancestral lines, histories, struggles, strengths, injustice, and displacement that got us to where we are now both in our physical location, but also our situation as a collective humanity.
What systems were put in place? Who wrote those rules?
Who were they written for?
Right now, we live in a world that has been overrun and destroyed by colonialism capitalist extraction for hundreds of years.
The land, waters, bodies of living beings, cultures, beliefs, our attention, has been commodified for the profit and power of a few. This can’t go on, and we all have a part to play in what happens now. Face the messy truths, untangle the knots and trace the threads to places we have forgotten about, see how they are woven together with the lives of strangers.
Then, we can start to piece together who we are, and what we need to do with whatever time we have left.

(These are just my thoughts and ideas as of now, April 2022, at 27 years old. I’m sure I will keep learning new things, gain new perspectives,
and change my mind a bunch of times..
Thank you so much for visiting this work,
I hope you ponder these questions too, journal, share, and send them to me)