8. Something in the Deep

Where did we come from? Where will we go?

The sea erases lines drawn in sand by sticks of men 

Waves have been taking footsteps since they were made on land 

The rain, wrote stories through mountains,

painted skies, spun rivers and signed stone,

in places the sun has never known.

So how can words written on white paper, 

with ink that blooms into dead flowers 

rule over a world that cannot be owned?

Where we came from?

Where we will go?

有和在深處? (what’s in the deep?) 

There’s something in the deep 

水體之底 (beneath bodies of water)
We know 

故事,歸屬,家鄉 (stories, belonging, home) 

大地中央 (center of the Earth) 

河流到海洋 (from rivers to oceans)
In our bones
你聽的到嗎? (can you hear it?