In April 2022, Lefan released her debut album, What Holds Us Together.

The album is an inquiry into personal and collective experience; a sonic journey that synergizes folk, pop, world music, experimental soundscapes and poetry. Together, these stories weave a multi-sensory tapestry of ancestry, identity, ecological reverence and social justice.

樂凡 (Van Lefan, she/they) is a multidisciplinary artist born and raised in rural northern Taiwan.

樂凡’s performances have moved audiences worldwide, including a 2019 tour of Taiwan and Japan with internationally celebrated roots/soul artist Buckman Coe. Van Lefan shares a voice that transcends culture and language, speaking directly to the heart and spirit. Traversing landscapes of sound, movement, and visual arts, her work is both an invitation to inner exploration and a call to action.

The lands, waters, animals, plants, living creatures

who share this world are my greatest teachers.

Inspired and mentored by local artist/activists, including Tonye Aganaba, Buckman Coe, Corrina Keeling, and Kevin Fraser, 樂凡 creates art as a powerful vessel for healing, idea sharing, storytelling, and connecting communities in ways beyond language.

I listen to the wisdom of the trees To grow tall I must dig deep Look to the stars and bend in the breeze Spend my whole life reaching towards the light