3. Omens & Signs

In moments where the uncertainty feels too overwhelming, and I’m stuck between or running out of choices, I find myself called to the edge of open water. This is where I find refuge, speak with Spirit, ask questions, and listen for answers. Usually the answers appear as subtle signs, leading me back towards ‘flow’, allowing intuition to guide me to where I need to be, when I’m meant to arrive, even if my mind does not yet know why.

I believe in omens like seeing a pair of ravens

flying overhead as I’m standing at the edge

with my arms wide open facing the ocean

Saying mama if you hear me 

can you please answer my questions?

Like why am I here

On this ride in the atmosphere? 

Sometimes it’s not so clear 

Where’s the way through all these fears

I have read the signals like the passage of an eagle

Who leaves behind a feather to mark the winding roads we travel 

So I will go the distance over rivers and mountains

Singing mama if you hear me 

can you please answer my questions?

She whispered inside my ear saying
“Child don’t you worry dear,
at low tide go walk on by on reflections like a mirror” 

When I did that’s when I realized 

I’m walking on the sky 

I’m dancing with the wind

And the heaven that we search
is nowhere but on earth and within

So I listen to the wisdom of the trees

To grow tall I must dig deep

Look to the stars and bend in the breeze 

Spend my whole life reaching towards the light

That’s why I am here 

on this ride in the atmosphere 

With time it’s becoming clear
What to do with time left in these years